The History of Ecoventure

Julian Higuita


Ecoventure is an adventure tour operator in Medellin, Colombia and it offers their services since 2017.

The idea of the company was born in 2015 by his founder who worked as an engineer in that time but his passion and love about adventure activites and nature inspired him to create a very atractive company to the foreigner who visit our country and want to experience different and unique activities in the region.

Everything started like a dream, but there was a day in 2015 that the founder visited El Salto Del Buey giant waterfall and felt in love at once of this awesome watefall, so, he thought it was and incredible oportunity to develop a unique company that could bring people from all the corner of the world to this place. Next, he put to work in the idea, how to show this miracle to the people, and the he learnt to fly drones and produce his own videos, after this, the first website version was released, a very friendly and nice website with a lot of things to do near to Medellin.

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The next 2 years, while he was working as an engineer, he worked on this project at the same time, topics like video production, market and competence analysis, tourism design, partners alliances were fundamental.

But, something was missing, it was necessary to put all the efforts in this project, spend all the time developing the idea and putting to run the company on the market, until, the time has now come, the founder was fired from his job and it was the perfecto moment to put all the power in his dreams.


After years of planning the project, it was very hard to know how to put to work an adventure tourism company, a company with great challenges, with new and fresh vision about this type of tourism, with the best quality and the best guides.

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