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It is your responsibility to fulfill the passport, visa and other immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. We do not accept any responsibility in the case of you being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements.


To guarantee a place on the tour, it is necessary to make an initial payment (deposit) of 30% of the total cost of the tour per person. This payment is not refundable for any circumstance. The prices of the tours published on our website are quoted in US dollars (USD) and the corresponding payment is exclusively in national currency at the exchange rate published daily on our website. The exchange rate varies every day with reference to the value of the US dollar in the market. disclaims any responsibility in the event that notifications and confirmation of booking via email does not become known to the traveler, either derived from errors that the traveler has committed in capturing the email address electronic information provided at the time of making your reservation or due to problems with receiving emails in it. presumes that the email address provided by the traveler is correct and valid, since the traveler is solely responsible for the capture and proper operation thereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, recommends its travelers to confirm their reservation, before their departure on the website of


The price of each tour includes only the services detailed in the description thereof, no other service is included if it is not widely specified. As a general rule, a strict criterion of literalness must be followed, which leads to the conclusion that what is not specifically detailed as included in the price of the tour is not included in it. In the case of having a doubt, the traveler should consult customer service before booking the tour, in order to avoid further claims.


Any service that is not included in the tour specifications such as: flights, museum or monument tickets, additional tours, exhibitions, shows, food, local public transportation within a city, tips and other optional activities, except if they are indicated in the tour description as included and / or depending on the traveler's purchase option.

5. STORAGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: and its associated services are built as a solution in the cloud. These personal data are stored in the data centers of Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). AWS only lends to the website, virtual hosting services and guarantees access through internet to said published and associated services, however, no component that makes up the website is owned or held responsible to AWS or its associates. Access and communication with the aforementioned services are protected by certificates that allow secure connection over the transport layer (SSL / TLS). These certificates have been issued by trusted certifying entities and / or associated services. Any unauthorized access, attack or violation of the website will be sanctioned according to the current regulations and will be made available to the competent authorities in Colombian territory. On the other hand, any unauthorized access, attack or violation of the services provided by AWS or its associates, and that have a direct or indirect relationship with the operation of the site and in which Ecoventure or its suppliers have knowledge and evidence, will be placed disposition and full knowledge of AWS and its associates so that, according to the current regulations of the United States, specifically those concerning the state of Washington, the corresponding actions or sanctions are exercised. For more information about the terms of use and policies surrounding AWS, please go to Privacy policies and personal data management.


The consumer can desist from the services requested and / or hired at any time, having the right to the return of the amounts that had been paid, suffering penalties in the following way: 1. The 30% tour deposit is not refundable in any cancellation case.
2. Up to 90 calendar days before the start date of the tour, you will have a penalty of 50% of the total value of the tour for cancellation or change allowed to another tour without penalty. If this is desired, it must be the change to a tour with an exit no longer than six months of the tour to which you are registered. Only this type of change will be allowed once.

7. ITINERARY CONDITIONS: cannot assume any responsibility if by coincidence for holidays, strikes, weekly closing days, unfavorable weather or other factors any of the museums, destinations or monuments of the cities offered could not be visited during the route. In the event that a traveler does not arrive on time at the agreed hour at any meeting point of the tour, the leader, staff and group must continue their journey without waiting for the traveler who did not arrive on time. It will be the responsibility of the traveler to reach the group at the next meeting point.


The luggage, personal documents, money, as well as other personal items of the traveler, are transported by account, responsibility and risk of the traveler without, travel leader or staff responding to the loss, theft or damages that same could suffer before, during and after the tour for any reason, for this reason if the traveler wants, you can hire on your own insurance to cover any of these mishaps. In case of loss or theft of a passport, the consulate of the country of the closest traveler's nationality must be assisted for the replacement procedure. The change of route and costs that this generates will be the entire responsibility of the traveler, as well as the one to be incorporated again to the itinerary of the tour. The leader and staff will attend as much as possible without having the responsibility of accompanying the person involved to carry out said procedures.


All departures of are considered as confirmed, although there may be cancellations of departures under the minimum requirement of 4 travelers per departure depending on the tour. If this number of travelers is not reached, has the responsibility to offer a change of tour without any penalty or full refund of the amount paid to the traveler's account. It will be notified via email within 30 calendar days before the start date of the tour if the departure has been canceled. For this reason, recommends not acquiring additional services such as flights, lodging or additional tours until the departure is considered guaranteed. is not obliged to offer any compensation for the need of changes or cancellations of the same. is not obliged to offer compensation for exceptional circumstances not foreseeable such as; war conflicts, terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes, epidemics that imply the restriction of access to the country to enter or economic circumstances that generate very significant drop in the expected sales and that requires the definitive cancellation of the tour without prior notice.


The traveler must have good health and physical capacity to participate in our tours. It will be the traveler's responsibility to express a certain condition or illness before booking the tour for their knowledge and authorization. The traveler with certain conditions or diseases that he / she still decides to reserve and will travel under his / her entire responsibility. reserves the right of expulsion to travelers during the tour that significantly disrupts the good tracking and development of the same, without the right to any refund. Nor is responsible for illegal acts or conduct of travelers abroad during the tour.


The use of travel insurance will only be for the services indicated in the policy. The policy includes medical assistance that may be used only in cases of emergency and must adhere to the corresponding procedure of the insurance policy according to each case. In case the traveler likes to request medical attention on his own, he will be responsible for the cost of it and it will be the responsibility of the traveler to carry all the documentation from the beginning, during and until the end of the tour. If you wish to purchase other insurance of another nature, it will be hired and used under the responsibility of the traveler. In case of any serious illness, accident or hospitalization, the group leader and staff will help the affected traveler as much as possible, without this implying cutting or modifying the itinerary for other travelers.

ECOVENTURE Tour Agency: Is committed to the code of conduct against child sexual exploitation and violence and in compliance with articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009. ADVISES of the legal consequences of the exploitation and sexual abuse of under age kids.

These Terms and Conditions are effective as of Feb 26, 2018. Any change that occurs with respect to this policy, will be reported through the or via email if you are a registered user.


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