Pablo Escobar neighborhood

This place is undoubtedly one of the few positive legacies that Pablo Escobar has left. Walking through this neighborhood, one can find a variety of painted walls alluding to the late drug dealer. Some of the people who live there adore Escobar and defend him against any allegation or insult. The history of this neighborhood goes back to when Escobar was working on his political campaign (the 1980s). At that time he got to know several people who were living in precarious circumstances, almost on garbage dumps, so that he decided to help them. Escobar created a neighborhood with more than 400 houses that benefited a large number of people. Today (2021) this place is popularly known as Barrio Pablo Escobar and comprises more than 5000 houses and 16,000 residents. After Escobar’s death, this area was made taboo several times. The communities did not want to support it economically, arguing that it was Escobar’s legacy. This year (2021), however, the state made social investments aimed at improving the quality of life of the people who live there.