Old Monaco building, now Inflexion Memorial Park

The iconic Monaco building, which was a symbol of the late drug lord, once stood on this property. The Monaco building was thought to be Pablo Escobar’s bunker. It was in this building that the boss of evil had his car collection, a variety of secret rooms, and special places to hide his assets. Since 1986, Monaco was the palace of Pablo Escobar and his family, but on January 13th, 1988 the silence ended. The Cali cartel ordered a car bomb to be planted. This was believed to be the first in Colombia (although this is incorrect as the first car bomb exploded in Santa Marta in 1981 and had nothing to do with drug trafficking), which destroyed part of the building and left 10 injured and 3 dead. The attack made Escobar’s daughter almost deaf and from then on the war on drugs intensified. After that fateful day, the building passed into the hands of the National Narcotics Council and then other owners. However, the damage was done and this place became an icon of narco culture. Locals and foreigners came to take photos in the building. Even celebrities like the aforementioned Wiz Khalifa had their picture taken in this macabre location. As we mentioned earlier, various governments tried to remove interest in Pablo Escobar. Therefore, in 2019, it was decided to demolish the Monaco building and build the Parque Conmemorativo Inflexión in its place, which will pay tribute to the victims of the violence.

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